February 23, 2024

Does the Casino Name Match Itself?

Gamer: Hari Peacock

  • About Monster Casino in Common
  • How to Find your Ideal Game
  • Play via Mobile
  • Promotions on Monster Casino
  • The gamePlay of the Site
  • Play Responsibly
  • VIP
  • Support on Monster
  • Our Conclusion

About Monster Casino in Common

This review is about a Monster Casino. This is a well-known online casino, which was founded in the UK. This online platform really needs attention. So what does Monster offer us?

Firstly, the name of the casino is completely inconsistent with its appearance. The site looks pretty cute and attractive. And there is no hint of something terrible there.

Due to its license from Gibraltar, the casino is regulated by the largest gaming service. This is the UK Gambling Commission. Due to its high-quality license, the site of the gaming portal is accessible almost all over the world. The site is especially popular in the vastness of Finland, Canada, New Zealand, and Australia. There is no doubt about the safety of the game on the site – it is supported by the iGaming protection system. This English system makes the game more safe and reliable, and what is more controls fraud.

The Site also has several significant partners. These are not only licensed companies. In addition, you can stay in touch with the portal through social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

Monster Casino offers a good variety of games. You can find it mainly in the Live Casino sect.

But then, what the site definitely boasts is this variety of promotions as well as a no deposit bonus. We will talk about this in the Promotions chapter.

Another hallmark of the casino is its version for mobile phones. There is a special application for mobile devices from the site that will suit any operating system.

It’s possible to list all the advantages of Monster casino for a long time, but better, let’s understand each section in more detail.

How to find your ideal game

The casino offers games from truly leading gaming providers. But from the beginning, it’s not about that.

The site offers players to enjoy games in two categories – these are Slots and Live Casino. There is also the third section, about which we will talk later.

Each game on the site can be easily found using the search function, simply by driving the name of the game there. Among the most popular gaming providers, you can find Nyx, Gaming Evolution, Microgaming, NetEnt, IGT and Nectan. Now let’s take a closer look at the casino games section.


As for the slots, the player can always choose among a huge variety of video slots. There are fruit slots, progressive slots, classic, with two or three reels and so on.

  • Fruit slots are games where the name speaks for itself. These are fruit-themed slots where the symbols are cherries and bananas or oranges. Bright and colorful, they will definitely cheer you up even on the worst day.
  • Based on films – it is on the Monster casino site that you can find a wide variety of story slots. These are games that were designed like a series, a computer game, a popular movie or a cartoon. Of the most notable are the slots for the series Friends, from the animated series Rick and Morty, Star Wars and so on.
  • Progressive slots – or more extensively known as Jackpots. This is a special kind of game where the gambler can hit a real jackpot. Games work as follows. All bets that have ever been made on in this game are saved. And then they turn into one huge win, which the player can win just by making a modest bet. All you need to play this slot is just a little luck.
  • Classic slots – are the simplest but no less interesting games. They, in turn, are also divided into several subspecies. For example, it all depends on how many reels a player can spin or how many pay lines. In secret, he will tell you that the more pay lines, the higher the chance of getting a big victory.

Live Casino

Unfortunately, on the Monster casino site, there is no separate category for Table games. The casino itself seems to be saying – either play with live dealers or do not play at all. So we come to the very essence. Live casino is an opportunity to feel the charm of a real land-based casino at home without taking off your pajamas. This means that all of your favorite table games, a player can play against a real croupier, and not against a computer. In this category you can find the following games:

  • Roulette – what kind of casino without roulette? With two zeros on a drum, or with one, throw two balls or one at once, or even spin two roulette wheels at once? It’s up to you. Here you can find such variations of this popular game as American Roulette, European, and of course, French. Each in its own unique, albeit slightly similar.
  • Blackjack is also a well-known game at 21. The essence of the game is as follows – the player does not have the right to collect a larger card combination than 21. He plays against the dealer, so it is important that the gambler does not dial the combination above. Here, too, there are variations of this popular game, choose any.
  • Baccarat – the essence of this card game is also to collect the required number of cards. In this case, the player also plays against the live dealer. On the Monster website, with each player a special approach, as well as very warm and drawn-out invitations to distribute cards. Therefore, the player from the game to get only one pleasure.

Scratch Cards

These games are probably the easiest to play on the site. The bottom line is the same – you need to erase the protective layer, which will be on the card issued to the player, and find the numbers there. If the numbers match the specific number that was indicated earlier, the gambler won. And if not, he is offered to take one more card. Everything is very simple. You erase – and you win. Like in lottery tickets.

Even despite the excellent quality of the games, the casino still has one minus. On the site there is no way to test all games in demo mode, that is, for free. All games are available for the game with a real deposit rate. Therefore, we advise you to carefully study the information for each game, in order to know what will await you. This will make it easier to understand what the game consists of and whether it is worth your attention.

Play via Mobile

Let’s move on to the highlight of the casino, which is definitely worth bragging about. Monster Casino has its own mobile application for Android or IOS. The application can be downloaded from the AppStore or Play Store. In turn, this gives a huge advantage for those who love to play on mobile devices. Here is a list of the most basic ones:

  • Convenience. Play from any place convenient for you, as well as at any time convenient for you. There are no restrictions. The only thing that we personally can advise is to enable VPN before the start of the game.
  • Deposit rate. If you think that making deposits through the phone is long and not convenient, then you are mistaken. Just the opposite. Especially if you have connected fingerprint payment. Then payment is even faster.
  • The format of the game. Mobile version to adapt to absolutely any extension of your portable device. And there is no need to make any special settings to customize the casino format.

Promotions on Monster Casino

What Monster Casino really differs from other online portals is the variety of promotions.

The first thing that the casino offers and that certainly catches your attention, is a deposit bonus. Immediately after the registration, the gambler receives 5 free euros or dollars into his account, as a bonus. All conditions for receiving a bonus are described in the terms and conditions section.

Making the first Deposit

Further, the player is provided with a welcome bonus that will fully satisfy even the most demanding player. Here the user can receive a 200% bonus maximum of 50 euros or dollars. The next bonus extends to the second deposit of the player and provides a 100% bonus in the amount of up to 100 euros or dollars. And the last bonus on the third deposit in the amount of a maximum of 250 euros or dollars is 50%. In total, the player can receive 500 bonus dollars. It is also worth noting that the minimum deposit on the site is 10 units of the selected currency.

Some other bonuses

The bonuses do not end there. The casino offers seasonal bonuses and holiday promotions. For example, at the time of writing the review, the site still had information about spring bonuses, as well as information about promotions for St. Patrick’s Day. Holiday promotions are not inferior in their generosity to the welcome bonus. The player can also receive a bonus of 50% or 200% on the deposit.

In addition, the casino offers new bonuses every week. For example, Free Spins on Mondays, which registered users love so much.

The gameplay of the Site

Let’s talk about the casino interface and the site itself as a whole. As already mentioned, the casino is absolutely not consistent with its name. The site is made in pleasant blue tones, with almost English accuracy.

The layout of the language can be changed into English, German and French. Immediately upon visiting the site – the first thing the player pays attention to is the offer of a no deposit bonus.

The site menu is in the upper left corner. It is quite simple and understandable, you can also configure the necessary language there. In the menu, you can go to the games section, to the mobile application, the casino blog, as well as links to social networks, where you can also follow the news of the casino and keep and touch with be

In short, the site design has already caught the eye of many players and won the hearts of several thousand gamblers. Conquered by its convenience and simplicity.

How to get Login

In order to register on the Monster website, the player still needs to find the very menu that was described above. In order to complete registration, the player will need:

indicate first and last name

  1. Enter your address
  2. Add email and password
  3. Confirm date of birth
  4. Enter address

In fact, the registration process on the site takes a lot of time. Gambrel is required to confirm his age since any gambling is not available for minors that haven’t 18 years old. Well, to present documents that would simply confirm the identity of a person. It can be a copy of your passport, driver’s license or any other official document with your name.

Play Responsibly

Problems with gambling addiction are a fairly common problem. Therefore, Casino Monster made sure that all players remained safe and not subjected to gambling addiction. Therefore, if you feel that you are spending more time at the casino than you would like if you have become more aggressive towards relatives, or in general have become more stressful, then you should pay attention to your problem. The Monster casino site offers several options for solving and avoiding the problem:

  • Set a deposit limit. Such a limit can be set by the player himself in the settings of his account. This limit can be changed a week after its activation. Decide in advance how much you want to spend in the game.
  • Take a break. The player can take a break from participating on the site by taking a break. During this break, the player does not have access to his account and cannot remove this break either.
  1. Self-excluded. Almost such an option as the previous one, only the player can be excluded for a longer period. The principle is the same, the player cannot regain access to the account until the self-exclusion period ends. Such a break can be taken starting from three months.

It is also worth noting immediately that the player’s balance is maintained during his absence. The only thing that can expire is the bonuses that were available at the time the gambler participated on the site. If a player really feels the stress of gambling, he should contact a special support service for help. Watch your well-being.


In addition to all of the above bonuses, MonsterCasino offers its own unique VIP system. It is available for registered users who have already used their welcome deposit.

The program implies additional bonus offers, personal managers and additional privileges on holidays. The player will be able to learn more about VIP levels in Terms and Conditions.

Support on Monster

Monster Casino is one of the few that offer round-the-clock support, which works 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. From this support, the player can choose such methods of contacting the support service as:

  1. Contact via letter to the casino administrative mail. The email address can always be found in the bottom console of the site. For this type of communication, an analysis of questions that require a detailed elaboration of the question is perfect.
  2. Contact the chat, managers for online help. In a chat, casino managers are always ready to answer all your questions and provide first-class support. For this method, short questions that require an instant solution in live communication are ideal.

Our Conclusion

After all that we examined above regarding MonsterCasino, we can draw certain conclusions about this popular portal.

This casino is especially suitable for new players who are just starting their way in the field of gambling. The site is easy to use, easy to navigate, and easy to search for the right games. Pleasant website design will make the game pastime only enjoyable.

As for the choice of games, its variety could be more extensive. All table games are available only in a live casino, and slots are not available for playing in the demo version. It will be inconvenient to find the perfect game on the site without making a bet from the beginning.

But the casino site offers a no deposit bonus, which is good news. In general, with regard to the variety of bonuses, then the casino clearly wins and attracts. Since many promotions can not help but catch the eye.

Thanks to a good license, all game processes on the site are absolutely legal and safe, so you can play without fear of being cheated.

This casino can be rated at 7 out of 10 points, according to the following rating:

  • Games 6/10
  • Convenience 8/10
  • Bonuses 8/10
  • Security 9/10