May 20, 2024

Guts Casino – The Best Casino with the Best Gambling Conditions

Gamer: Hari Peacock

During its existence history since 2013, the establishment has evolved into quite a phenomenon in the gambling world. Safety, security, comfort, a bunch of opportunities to win big are just a couple of the reasons that brought the casino to the top. Take just all those permissions, licenses, authorizations:

  • The Malta Gaming Authority
  • The Gambling Commission of Great Britain
  • eCOGRA certifications
  • all other relevant permissions and authorizations

All these papers are the most reliable proof that Guts Casino is not just legit. There are hundreds of legit online gambling establishments around. But it is the proof that Casino Guts complies in the best possible way with all the regulations, requirements, codes or whatever else, and not only in a relation to one country.

By the way, we will tell you on significant details: Casino Guts revenues are impressive! Ok, you might be wondering why you ever need to know about their revenues. But just imagine you win a jackpot, say, a couple of millions of Pounds. Would a small casino with a small turnaround pay it to you? We doubt it, especially if the jackpot sum might be half of their revenue. But this is definitely not the case that can happen with Casino Guts.

Ok, we move further, because we have to cover all the aspects of gambling in this giant in the gambling industry.

As you might have already expected, Casino Guts uses the games and the software of the most prominent developers, and Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Pay`n Go are just a few of the famous names that you will find there. We don’t have even any questions about the games safety and fairness: they all are eCOGRA certified.

Casino Guts Offers the Best Games

Now, we better move to the essentials. GutsCasino offers to you and any player who loves quality gambling just plenty of games. From more than 400 games, you can select any kind of slots:

  • Traditional 3-reels slots,
  • Newer 5-reels slots,
  • Modern 3D slots,
  • Table games, all options of them,
  • Live games.

Now, you might be wondering about more details, for example, which games from the most popular are there, which games bring the best winnings if there are free games, and similar. Let us move to more detailed descriptions then.

GutsCasino Slots

On the desktop version of the site, you can find around 500 slots. The best software developers participated in the creation of this variety. Do you like traditional fruit slots? There are plenty of them because the casino knows that there are players who will always feel nostalgic about the old good times. Are you in a constant search for new things? Try then the newest 3D slots. Or maybe just 5-reels lots are the thing you are looking for?

If you prefer a particular theme or a set of themes, you will definitely find them all in Guts Casino, as well. So, just go for it. Open your account on, and enjoy the most popular slots. The only difficulty is going to be to decide what you are going to play next.

Blackjack on

What do you think, how many versions of blackjack does exist? Maybe five or six? Well, GutsCasino only has 15 of them! We even don’t highlight the fact that all of them are of the best quality. The most common undoubtedly are the American, the European and the Classic Blackjack, and about its variations you might guess from the number of games that you can gamble.

Roulette Has Also Things to Offer

Roulette, as one of the most engaging and interesting games, offers a lot to both new players and experienced gamblers. The casino knows it, hence, the roulette selection is one of the best among all the competitors. Would you like to try a couple of games? Who knows, maybe they are going to turn you into a millionaire!

Baccarat Is Present, As Well

Baccarat is a game without which any casino, even the best one, isn`t complete. Of course, you can find it here and play as much as you want. Can you guess why baccarat is so popular among most players? Its rules are simple, and it brings a lot of money if you know how to handle the cards!

Poker Is Represented in the Richest Selection

Ok, there was this question about blackjack, but still: how many poker kinds are on, what do you think? Well, we should admit there are not as many of them in comparison with blackjack, but still, 12 kinds of poker still sound impressive.

Bingo, Keno, Scratchcards

Even though you, as a real gambler, might be more interested in other options, but these kinds of luck-games are available, as well. Would you like to try them if they are your lucky ones? Have a look at classic keno, or you might like more the bonus option? Bingo also can be played in some of its versions, all depends on what you really love. Is Available Live

Live casino is already not the newest trend, so, if an online casino wants to keep up, its live offer is a must. And Guts Casino wants to keep up, you can just believe in it. But we can assure you, that live casino here is special indeed. First of all, you can find there a dealer that speaks not only English but your language. It is fair to players, what do you think?

Betting: Are You Interested?

Betting is also represented in a very rich variety on And even if you are into sports betting, we bet you don’t know all the sport kinds listed there!

Mobile Casino: No Download App

Guts uses the newest technologies to make sure its users are super happy. So, when you are thinking of a super casino app for a mobile phone, just ask yourself: what would be more convenient for you: a mobile app that you have to download, install, that will surely take some space in your mobile device and so on, or just to open the casino website from your mobile phone, to login to your account and just to pay as if you were playing from a computer?

It is evident that most players would prefer a faster, hence, a more convenient option, the second one. That’s why Guts Casino didn’t worry about an App for a mobile, but instead, concentrated all the efforts on developing of a website that is completely compatible with all mobile devices, and with the most OSs. So, all you need to do to play from a mobile is to login from any browser on your mobile device. And that’s it, just enjoy your gambling as if you were at your PC.

By the way, if you are a Blackberry phone user, you might know all those issues that arise if you want to play in an online casino in your mobile. Blackberry is not so popular now, so, most versions are not developed for it. No, you can play, of course, there is no issue with it. But there is a significant problem when it comes to comfort of playing and the quality of games. But with a well-developed browser version, all issues connected with customization are simply excluded. The website adjusts to your gadget screen and the speed of playing and the smoothness of your experience depends on the stability and the speed of your internet connection only.

Guts Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Guts casino gives lots of bonuses. You get them practically for anything you do. However, there is one little thing: Guts doesn’t have the Guts to offer a no deposit bonus. Ok, you might argue that a no deposit bonus isn`t usually a huge sum, but still, it would be very kind from the casino to give something to test its games for real money.

Welcome Bonus

Even though there is not a sign of a no deposit bonus 2021, Guts still has some pleasant things to offer. What about a 100% welcome bonus? You get it based on the sum of your first deposit. But the sum can go up to 100 Pounds only. As you might expect, this is not the only offer that might bring you some bucks. You can get bonuses on the 2nd, 3rd, and 4th deposit. The total sum of this bonus can be as much as 400 USD, which is already something very significant. No bonus code is needed for any of the cases.

Free Spins from Guts

But when it comes to free spins, you get a real treat here! Ok, the casino doesn’t have a no deposit bonus in the form of cash, but it presents 10 free spins or any other number every day! Just check what you need to comply with today to get this no deposit bonus! By the way, there 10 free spins or any other number of spins within this no deposit bonus 2021 conditions you can use for all slots, even the newest ones. Well, in some cases, you can still make a small deposit if you need more than 10 free spins! Just remember to check the offers daily, they change all the time. Of course, there is no bonus code requested to get these spins for which you don’t even have pay for.

Bonus Code? – Not Right Now

No bonus code is available on for now. But anyway, you can keep trying and find something on the websites of partners. Or just wait and hopefully the casino will send you to your mail as soon as they decide to arrange some special promo with a bonus code.

Banking Options

Guts offers as many deposit and withdrawal options that you cannot even use all of them. And you don’t have to, anyway. Just read and select one or two that are the most suitable for your situation.

  • Skrill – available for depositing money and casing them out. But be careful with this method, because some bonuses might be not available if you use Skrill.
  • Visa Card – you can use it completely free for sending money to your gambling account as well to getting your winnings. Limitations apply for the maximum deposit and withdrawal sum.
  • Neteller – this is one of the most comfortable e-wallets, and it is worldwide used one, as well. However, the same problem might arise, like in the case with Skrill: not all bonuses might be available if you use this payment system.
  • MasterCard – a bank-card has always been one of the most reliable deposit and withdrawal options. And it works in the same way now, as well, just mind the limits!
  • PaySafeCard – deposit sum is super low, just for fun, we would say. But anyway you can select this method for withdrawing your thousands or even millions of dollars!
  • EcoPayz – one more newer option, and without limitations! Why not try it?

So, as you can see, Guts has just whatever a gambler might be looking for when it comes to banking methods.

Customer Support

A customer support agent is available 24/7, and they are known as very helpful indeed. You can address any of your questions, problems, concerns to the customer support. The customer support speaks many languages, but anyway, your preferred one would be English.

An email is available. Even though it is not the most preferred option, but you can use it conveniently if you need to attach some documents, to explain a situation, and it is needed to write a lot or for any other case when a live chat is simply not the most reliable option. By the way, if there are any issues, you better write to a mail, because this will have you a proof (mailing history) if something goes not as you have expected.

A toll-free contact phone number for the UK gamblers is there, as well. You can just leave them your phone number. Be assured that they will contact you asap. But if you play from another country and call to the given contact phone number, your provider will charge you fees. It is mentioned in any review, so, just make sure it isn`t going to take you by surprise.

Casino Guts Safety – a Question That Matters

It actually doesn’t matter whether you play free games, games available in a fun-mode, or play for real money, safety is the Guts Casino priority. That’s why you can be sure that none of the casino`s employees will share any private or financial information of the casino`s clients with any third parties, unless it is explicitly required by the valid legislation.

Of course, during the signup process you provide your private confidential information, but it is stored and processed exclusively with the purposes to provide you with the services that you asked for and to verify your identity to avoid scam (yes, casinos can be scammed, as well, moreover, there are many efforts to do so).

The next concern that most gamblers have is the safety of their financial information. If you have registered in the casino and selected your best way to deposit money and to cash it out, you must have provided lots of very sensitive financial information. But you don’t need to worry about its safety, indeed. The website uses the latest SSL encryption software. If you want to know in more detail what it means for your even super confidential information, here is a short guide.

When you provide any of your data that are considered to be confidential, you provide it in a form of a name, a user name, login data, bank card number and so on. You know which information you are requested to give, don’t you?

And the encryption software starts working immediately. Before sending all these so important to you data online, it turns them into some symbols. Which symbols? The software has a special key to encrypt it. If you don’t know the key, you will see just random symbols that do not have any sense. And no, these symbols are not associated with anything of the input.

But there, where your data will be used, in your case, it is sensitive payment information, at the output, the software again converts it to a normally looking data. In between, even if nobody breaks into the casino system, all that they get are some symbols that they will not be able to use anywhere.

If it is possible to find out the code? Theoretically yes, everything is possible. But practically, one would need probably a million of years to do so. or to spend some thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars for computing software and hardware able to manage the workload. Do you really believe you have so much money in your account to make it worth such efforts?

By the way, the Guts Casino team does all possible to prevent your personal information from misuse, but you should be careful, as well. Never provide your login information to anybody. Once you signup and setup your login data, just don’t entrust them to anybody. And the casino representatives will never ask for them, as well.

If you get a suspicious mail or phone call or via any other means a request to send your login data, don’t do it. Instead, contact a casino representative immediately. You will alert them about the effort to steal your personal information to log into your account, and they will take additional security measures to protect your account.

A Bonus: Tips How to Win in Guts Casino

In our review, we would provide you with some information that you probably will not find in any other casino review. No, we aren`t going to tell you a secret or disclose some facts about a new super strategy. There are no strategies that would help you to win if you love luck-games. Ok, if you know how to play skill-games very well, your chances are increasing. But other than that, the winnings do not depend on you.

However, there are some common truths that will help you to avoid unpleasant surprises and to play in a casino that offers the best chances (it means fair chances, as well). Here we go, with some tips that will help you to get the most out of any online casino:

If the casino provides free games, play them. Test free games in all details to get the clearest idea about how all works in the casino.

Use any promotions that are worth it. For example, if you see a very lucrative bonus with wagering requirements that are almost impossible to fulfill, just leave it. But if you see that the bonus is awarded without any conditions, go for it. Some additional pounds in the account have never been odd, even in the UK.

Have you ever heard of RTP (Return to Player)? If not, read about it immediately! Ok, you might not want to spend a lot of time for searching for rather technical information and details. But the best thing is to select a casino that offers the highest RTP. And in that casino, look for the games that offer the highest RTP. There are two main reasons why you should do so.

Reason one: if there is an RTP value available for a game, it means, that the game was tested and certified by an independent lab, eCOGRA, for example.

Second, the higher the RTP is, the more money you can get.

But there is one very important thing to remember: RTP, or Return to Player, can never be 100%. No casino would offer all the money to players. If the casino insists on a 100% RTP, keep away from it, because they are lying. In very rare cases, you might find 98%, the common RTP is around 96-97%. If it is lower than 95%, you might be doing nothing more but wasting your time for the casino.

Guts Casino: Pros and Cons Sumup

So, just in some words for those who don’t have time to read a lot, about the main pros and cons of Gust Casino:

The most significant advantages are:

  • Licensing from the most reputable regulators known for their high requirements to online gambling services providers;
  • A huge selection of games from prominent providers;
  • No download needed for gambling online, the website works perfectly on all possible mobile devices, even of the brands that are not considered by other gambling companies;
  • One of the highest quality live casinos;
  • The highest safety level;
  • Super friendly and professional customer support available round the clock;
  • Relatively high RTP values;
  • User friendly website, simple to handle even for complete beginners;
  • Attentive attitude to customers.

Cons? There are no perfect things, so, of course, there are things that could be improved. The most important of them are:

  • Bonuses and special offers, the casino of such level could offer more of them;
  • Payment methods; even though there are quite a few of them, but comparing to competitors, the selection is still limited;
  • Bonus conditions are not always clear, especially when it comes to the eligibility conditions;
  • Finally, some pages of the website give an error from time to time (or we were just “lucky” to get it during the testing?). Especially upsetting was the FAQ page, which is quite important if you want to select a casino or are looking for responses that might be already available.